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A freshman tennis player from Appalachian State University and his coach have both been suspended, the former for an indefinite period of time, due to insensitive conduct. The accusation of a racially charged remark being made was considered, and the result is that neither bigot will be allowed back, for a while at least.


Folks turned away from the slots NZ has to offer in order to see how the situation would be dealt with, and were not, thankfully, disappointed by the university’s swift and fair response.


Derogatory Statements Aimed at North Carolina Senior


After a decisive victory over John Wilson, a senior at North Carolina A&T, Spencer Brown, of App State, was accused of making disparaging comments to Wilson, who is black. Brown apparently told Wilson that he, at least, knew who his father was.


Wilson, who also has a position as senior class president at AT&T, took his outrage to Twitter after the match had been concluded, calling out Brown and sharing details of the denigratory remarks that were made. Wilson also stated that one of the coaches for App State diminished the importance of the incident, saying that it was not possible that Brown had been racist since there were black men on their team.


App State Won’t Tolerate Racism


After looking into the claims made by Wilson, Appalachian State came to the conclusion that Wilson’s claims were accurate, and the school then released a statement, which announced Brown’s indefinite suspension. It read that they were aware of the offensive, derogatory behaviour committed by Brown, and that his suspension was effective immediately, put into place for a violation of the student-athlete policy of discipline. They then concluded that they had reached out to #NCAT in order to apologise on behalf of Appalachian Athletics and the university as a whole for Brown’s conduct.




The Coach Will Be Dealt With Too


The investigation also came to the conclusion that the head coach for App State, Doug Lake, was the instructor who had brushed Brown’s behaviour during the match. On Tuesday it was announced that Lake would also be serving a four-match suspension as a result of his behaviour. Doug Gillin, the athletic director for App State, released a statement after Lake got suspended, which said that the conduct in display on Sunday did in no way reflect the values of App State’s tennis programme, department, or university. This conclusion is proof that in sports there are all kinds of crimes and transgressions and they should not be ignored.


Serena and Venus Williams Suffer the Same


Unfortunately even the biggest players in the world are subject to this type of treatment, with Venus and Serena Williams’ father reporting that his family have also been the subject of racial slurs, mentioning particularly the Indian Wells tennis tournament after Venus withdrew from a match against her sister. Richard Williams spoke of his family being booed and taunted by the crowd, and his daughter being called a worthless n*%#$r as they walked to their seats.


While racism may not be as unusual as some of us may have believed it to be, the heartening news is that at least there are consequences for those who indulge in it these days.


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