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Many sports fan will recognise the sound of his voice, thanks to the fact that Brett Phillips used to work as a commentator for tennis, the AFL, and the AFL Women’s team, alongside his hosting duties at the SEN radio station, based in Melbourne.


Speaking at the Burnie International tennis business lunch about important tennis players from Australia, Phillips also spoke of what he thought about Tasmania now having an AFL team of their own and why he feels that the AFL Women’s League is here to stay.


Grassroots Sporting Levels is Where Great Stories Begin


Phillips stated that his own personal love of tennis came about as a result of working at the first-rate Australian Open, but that the most basic sporting levels is where the good stories usually come from. He added that that was where the journey usually begins, and that these smaller tournaments were where one had to go to get started. Much like the fact that new players don’t hit the roulette tables the first time they visit an online gambling casino, but start off at games like slots and such, the love of sport was born in a more gradual way, for him at least.


Mousley Praises the Facilities


Bradley Mousley, the young player from Adelaide, also gave his two cents at the event, and commended the international’s facilities. He spoke of there being a lot of work being put into the centre court, and the fact that these were now some of the finest facilities in Australia meant that the sponsors must have put a serious amount of work in.


Mousley is set to play in the doubles final on Friday night, alongside partner Brydan Klein.


Phillips on Tomic, Kyrgios, and Barty


Mr Phillips gave his opinion on a number of well known Australian players, both male and female, including Bernard Tomic and NIck Kyrgios. Referring to Tomic, Phillips stated that he was an excellent player on the court, and had a distinct playing style. He stated that nobody knew the real Tomic, though, and that, in Phillips’ opinion, Tomic had not had the right people around him. He expressed the belief that Tomic could get back into the Top 20, however.

As for Kyrgios, Phillips called his tennis play otherworldly, and felt that he could most definitely make to the number one player in the world. He added that he felt that Kyrgios was Australia’s best hope, being fixable, but that he did not think it was possible for Bernard. He also stated that, although women’s tennis was struggling, it was lucky that Ash Barty had made a return, because he felt that she could easily rank within the world’s Top Ten.


When asked about his opinions on Tasmania getting its own AFL team, Phillips said that it was absolutely necessary. In order to be true national competitors, a team was necessary. Phillips also started commentating for the AFL women’s competitions this year, and admitted that learning a lot of new names had been challenging. He ended off by saying that there is a group of women developing the sport at the moment, and he thought it was a wonderful thing.

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